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As educational institutions across the country embrace technology to improve student outcomes, traditional learning environments are becoming a thing of the past. At InvenTech, we partner with educators from different segments to develop the software solutions that they need to help their students succeed.


We have an in-depth understanding of the leading ecommerce platforms to provide ecommerce businesses with the suitable technology stack.


We help educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools) and e-learning providers towards result-oriented e-learning solutions. In classrooms or online, we enable educators to reach their learners and win their loyalty. We apply both traditional and innovative e-learning approaches to deliver solutions that cover diverse e-learning techniques from familiar social and blended learning to modern AR/VR-enabled learning.


We help organizations of all sizes to choose, develop and implement e-learning solutions in order to drive employees’ performance and improve organizational outcomes through digital education. Our corporate customers get user-friendly and intuitive internal training and professional development applications, as well as external-facing learning portals for partners and clients, thus catering to the educational needs of various user groups.


Through custom e-learning development, Iflexion helps software providers design, deploy and tune platform-based and custom e-learning software. We provide full-cycle IT consulting and development services and can join an e-learning project at any stage. We also back e-learning integrators up in such domains as business analysis, e-learning solution testing, ongoing maintenance and support.

Your students’ success is our success

Take Learning Off Campus

Education shouldn’t be limited to the classroom, so our applications allow students to access educational resources wherever they are, on any device.

Keep Your Data Safe

From information privacy to cybersecurity, our custom software solutions are designed to protect your organization’s systems and the people who use them.

Streamline Logistics

InvenTech works with educators to build learning management systems that take the complications out of lesson planning and coordination.

Personalize Learning

When it comes to academic success, every student’s needs are unique. Our e-Learning applications empower students to learn at their own pace, in their own style.

Expanding Your Learning Capabilitis


We can make your learning activities more captivating and dynamic through the excitement of a game. By adding gamification elements to e-learning solutions, we help learners and educators reduce learning effort and time. Games help learners get new knowledge in an entertaining manner and memorize learning materials better, as well as allow educators to assess how well trainees apply their knowledge in pre-modeled situations.


Taking the advantages of Augmented and Virtual Reality, we help our customers put immersive learning into practice. AR and VR technologies enable us to transform traditional learning content into life-like scenarios. This way, learners can exercise their knowledge and skills in a safe virtual situation before they apply them in real life. Implementing virtual e-trips and classrooms, we ensure unique learning experience and help organizations cut their learning expenses significantly.


By bringing the power of artificial intelligence to e-learning solutions, we introduce a deeply personalized learning process based on learners’ experience and preferences. In e-learning reality, AI allows for adapting learning content in real time and making it easy to perceive and retain. AI-equipped learning systems can also help educators excel in learners’ profiling, evaluate every aspect of learners’ education path and adjust it according to their abilities.


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